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"Making sure you reach your goal."

As project managers, we take complete responsibility for your construction project. We act as your construction department and handle all owner-related tasks from the project's initial design to commissioning. On request, we customise the focus of our services.


We develop a feasible schedule and budget, with the objective of fully meeting your quality requirements. We build the required project organisation for you and provide the navigation necessary to achieve the project goals. Profitability analyses, detailed cost forecasts, cash forecasts and detailed schedules allow us to assess foreseeable project risks and develop countermeasures in the event of deviations from interim targets.

The services we provide are based on the areas classified by the German AHO (Committee of the Associations and Chambers of Engineers and Architects for Fee Regulations) and, when requested, can go beyond this range. During the whole project, you remain in control.


In addition to performing project control tasks, we can also manage your project. We act as the project's main point of contact and have full management responsibility. We handle all owner-related tasks that can be delegated. This includes conflict management and mediation and all meetings at management and board level and in political and administrative bodies.


This function combines all user-internal requirements and includes them in the project at an early stage. Through communications and work processes, we structure the activities of the individual departments in the building, coordinate the finishing work, retrieve information on user-specific decisions such as the planned occupancy and control the finishing work on the tenant side. If desired, we can handle the entire commissioning and relocation management process to ensure that the occupants can use the property as scheduled.


In collaboration with your project developer, we support you in establishing the appropriate framework for your project's schedule and economic profile. We assist you in developing a user requirements programme. And we launch an architects' contest to help you find the perfect architectural design for your project.


We provide a web-based state-of-the-art information management system that allows you to structure and accelerate your day-to-day processes at the planning and construction stage.