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"The economic way to your climate-neutral property ".

One of the biggest political climate goals is the sustainable CO2 reduction of all economic sectors. According to the German government, the entire building stock in Germany must be climate-neutral by 2045. Owners, investors and companies that ignore CO2 emissions therefore run serious risks in terms of impending penalties - which can be avoided.

In our consulting services, we support you in the identification, appropriate design and implementation of CO2 reduction measures. Whether it is a renovation, energy reduction measures, implementation of renewable energies or the optimization of operational processes - we create the right framework for you to achieve your CO2 targets.


Effective CO2 reduction means a short survey and continuous long term monitoring. It is important to assess the CO2 emissions once at the beginning and demonstrate then the progress towards decarbonization.

In our consultation, we first determine the CO2 emissions of your property or portfolio and then compare them with the official decarbonization path of the European Union. With the determined stranding point, you have a precise risk analysis and know exactly when which risk occurs.


On this basis, we develop specific technical solutions in different options of how a decarbonization process could look like in your business case. We also advise you on reporting, effective communication and transparent presentation of your CO2 emissions and reduction targets to shareholders.


If you are aiming for certification of your property, we will support you in this process and arrange all the necessary steps for this.

We help to implement the proven transformation and management tool “Buildings In Use” of the German Sustainable Building Council (DGNB).

By systematically considering all relevant building information and its properties, the usage situation and real consumption data, the system helps to create transparency and identify optimization potential. This is essential for economical operation and increased investment security.

Buildings that are already operated in a climate-neutral manner can obtain the “Climate Positive award” in addition to the certificate of the German Sustainable Building Council (DGNB).

Take a leading position with your real estate - in the end, it's a rewarding journey.