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ESG Review and Certification

"We make your asset sustainable"

Until 2045, the entire building stock in Germany must be climate neutral. So the legal requirements for buildings will be raised almost every year.

This is an enormous challenge for the construction and real estate industry, which accounts for around 30% of greenhouse gas emissions in Germany.

To master this challenge, it requires a targeted, holistic, yet building-specific approach, to enable an economical way into the green future for the owner.

We support investors, property owners and project developers to achieve their climate action goals in a tailor-made and economical way and certify this goals as an accredited member of the German Sustainable Building Council (DGNB).

Upon request, we also accompany you in alternative certification procedures, such as GRESB, ECORE, BREAM or LEED. We cover all your requirements in this regard and accompany you in this transformation process in future-oriented building acquisition (carbon due diligence), sustainable real estate management (green asset management) or sustainable project developments (project management and controlling incl. green certification).



ESG criteria (environmental, social and governance) are gaining an increasing momentum in the real estate business and are used as synonymous with the concept of sustainability.

Due to the rising demand of sustainable financial products (sustainable finance) and the expanding legal requirements, the global real estate markets have to react.

An ESG strategy for existing buildings and project developments is essential to ensure a sustainable and economic construction, acquisition or operation of real estate.

We enable you to find this economical way to put your real estate on a green path. Our expertise in certification - with many years of knowledge in the technical design and managing building projects - whether in architecture or supply engineering - allows pragmatic solutions to be found.


We understand how fast you have to decide on the question of buy, hold or sell. Therefore, we provide you with the required ESG assessment across your entire portfolio both promptly and quickly.

To enable you making the right decisions we perform an ESG review to give you fast overview of your "leaks" and evaluate them on the basis of current market prices of construction costs. This way, you know your priced-in ESG risks.

If required, we can also take a deeper dive identifying upcoming maintenance measures via CAPEX analysis. We synchronize them on the timeline to ensure an economic plan for the future.

With the "stranding asset" analysis, we establish the long-term plan for your asset.

We can create this strategic planning for each of your properties and, if desired, for your entire portfolio, which ultimately leads to a corresponding portfolio report including statements on the expected costs.

Would you like to go even further with us? No problem. As our background lies in real estate planning and construction, we are looking forward to plan and implement revitalization projects together with you and your partners - in a measured and cost-efficient manner. Tailor-made - because with our well-founded experience in building technology, we reduce your consumption and maintenance costs in the long term.


As a certified member of the German Sustainable Building Council (DGNB), we offer ESG verification services for the real estate business to verify the conformity of property to EU taxonomy criteria.

Applicable to the three fields of business defined in the taxonomy – new construction, renovation, and acquisition and ownership – we provide an assessment on currently applicable taxonomy criteria, which although include employment standards, social standards and good governance on the part of involved companies.

Our experience in the process of certification and verification provides the required verification with smart and economic measures.

Within the EU taxonomy framework, major benefits are identified in relation to the overall ESG score. The EU has thus created a classification system to compare sustainable action and ecological management across Europe.