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Our cost controlling's clear structure allows very detailed tracking of comprehensive cost data. This provides an excellent basis for transparent evaluations and in-depth analyses. As a result, we cannot only compare target and actual data, but also identify approaches to reduce costs and saving potentials. You benefit from the resulting cost reliability. We can also manage all of your project accounting. As external auditors, we help you focus on your core business.


Our hierarchical master scheduling system allows us to capture each planning process, each decision and each step performed on the construction site and provide you with daily updates on your project. "Time now" assessments directly indicate your project's status, which allows you to respond to any issues that could jeopardise the completion date. This makes scheduling reliable for both you as the owner and landlord and for your clients.


Our hierarchical master scheduling system allows us to meticulously record every planning process, decision or work step on the construction site and present the daily status of your project. "Time now" assessments allow immediate status recognition and prompt reaction should the finish date be jeopardised by unfavourable developments. The adherence to schedules achieved in this way is of benefit to all the parties involved, be it the financing credit institution, owner, landlord, or customer. 


As appraisers of the chambers of architecture and engineering, we can offer you continuous supervision of all planning areas and executed works. Construction and building services work is inspected by us in all project phases and any deviations from the contractually agreed specifications are identified immediately. We can also represent you in acceptance of work performed if you wish, and offer comprehensive deficiency management for assertion of any claims against your contractual partners.


Our standardised and certified in-house management structures form the basis for simultaneous monitoring of multiple projects based on the same criteria. This allows you to easily retrieve cross-project analyses of your real estate portfolio and provide your management bodies with the required benchmarks on a daily basis.